• 5 Ways to Manage your Diet for Diabetes

    Since my diagnosis with diabetes at the age of eleven, my own diet has changed dramatically. I maintain my current healthy weight with a great diet/eating plan.

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  • 7 Diabetes Foot Care Tips

    If you have diabetes information about how to manage your condition is vital to your well being. Reduce your risk of infection or amputation by incorporating these 7 foot care tips...

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7 Steps on The best ways to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is more common than ever and 95% of cases detected are type 2 diabetes. Although for some the advancement of diabetes is inevitable, possibly due to heriditery and other elements, for the huge bulk it can be prevented by taking these 7 easy actions ... Before diabetes type 2 becomes completely developed you go through a stage referred to as pre-diabetes. This is where you begin to reveal a few of the signs, which if disregarded, can lead to full blown diabetes. Make these 7 action points part of your daily routine and you could stop this disease occurring to you: 1) If you are overweight you risk establishing diabetes. Decrease the quantity of food on your plate so you slowly consume less and start to lose weight. Drink a glass of plain water or a sugar-free beverage before your meal to take the edge of any cravings discomforts. 2) Reduce the amount of fat you are consuming; grill or bake foods instead of frying; use low-fat spreads and minimized fat meals. 3) Check the Glycemic Index of the food you are eating - understanding exactly what each food consists of helps keep your blood-sugars, which in turn can avoid the complete onset of diabetes. 4) Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. If you keep a bottle of water with you and drink often you'll be amazed how much you do consume throughout the day. 5) If you are feeling peckish select a healthy snack instead of a chocolate bar. 6) Use skimmed instead of full-fat milk in hot drinks. 7) Exercise benefits health. But if you are not utilize to work out then start in moderation. 15 minutes mild strolling daily will reduce you into a regular exercising pattern. All these action points are likewise the ones that diabetics are encouraged to take - if you take them now you may perhaps avoid irreversible issue to your health.

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8 Signs of a Diabetes Symptom

In a health conscious world it is easier to spot symptoms of diabetes in the early stages, which is known as pre-diabetes. Discovering and taking notice of early diabetic signs gives you a fighting chance of preventing diabetes altogether. Look out for these 8 pre-diabetes symptoms...

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Can I Go Tanning With Diabetes?

Diabetes and Tanning If you are undergoing treatment for lupus or diabetes or are susceptible to cold sores, be aware that these conditions can be aggravated through exposure to ultraviolet radiation from tanning devices, sunlamps, or natural sunlight.

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A DNA Link between Diabetes and Obesity

There is no known reason for what causes diabetes. There are certainly risk factors that make the likelihood of you being diagnosed with the disease higher.

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Everything about Diabetes: Signs, Causes, Types- Signs Of Diabetes

Diabetes impacts the way where the body deals with carbs, fats and proteins. If ignored, diabetes can have major problems. The diabetic individuals have high blood glucose level. The blood glucose level is controlled by insulin – a hormonal agent produced by the pancreas, which depends upon your consuming practices.